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Friday, January 7, 2011

TOP Things that Irritate me!

Im sitting here thinking what can I blog about now....didnt think i'd ever run out of things to blog or bitch about.  But what can I say?  Blogging has been very therapuetic for me.  So I thought i'd write about things that irritate me........  This could be a much longer list but like I said these are the TOP things that irritate me.  These are in no perticular order just in the order they came to mind...some irritate me more than others!

  • When its cold.....your windows will be frosted over.  Do everyone a favor and go start your car 10 minutes early and turn on the fricken defrost.  Do not scrape of a 1' x 1' box in front of the drivers window and try to drive down the street...your going to piss me off and next time I will purposely hit you and it will be your fault cuz of the obstruction on YOUR windshield!  I needed a new car THANKS!
  •  Don't ride my ass....Im going the speed limit...If you were in that big of a hurry you should have left 10 minutes earlier so that you too could go the speed limit.  If I get a speeding ticket to keep you from tailgating me Im going to hunt you down like a rabid dog and string you up by your berries!
  • Pulling right out in front of me, unless you can find the gas pedal and get to the speed limit before I ram the grill of my murano Up your are not in that big of a hurry that you have to cut others off and risk their safety!
  • Going to the gas station and getting a $1.07 fountain pop, taking your time getting your lid and your straw.....managing to block the whole counter with yourself cuz your ass is as wide as a cadillac.  Then getting to the register and and charging the 1.07 on your debit card....really are you that pathetic you dont have 1.07 in change in your console?
  •  Going to HELLMART loading your cart with every fricken small item you can find in the store til your cart is overflowing!  Then taking said cart thru the self check out!!!!!  Get your ass over to a regular register you arent smart enough to scan that many items and we all know your going to steal half the shit in your cart and that is why your at the self check out!
  • Block an isle at the store, because you have just run into your neighbor/church member/friend you hadnt talked to in 5 fricken minutes!   So you feel you need to stand and block it so you can catch up on what happened to you between your house and the store....really pick up the fricken phone...and saturdays and sundays in hellmart is not the place to do this...Just a FYI!  Get the hell out of my way you are now slowing my schedule down because I dont care that matilda got expelled from school for walking thru the halls...Who Fucking Cares!
  • Pick up refrigerated know meat, milk, cheese, eggs, frozen foods...and then decide half way thru the store you either dont want them or cant afford them so you just lay them down in the underware Isle!  Do they belong there?  Is that where you got them to start with....NOOOOOOOOOOOO go put that shit back where you got just cost those employee's profit sharing which comes out of their paychecks,,,which in turn just made the meat go up $1 a pound you stupid numbnut!  I catch one more person do this im gonna shove it up their asses then they will have to pay for it!  Stop costing me more on my food bill!
  • Take your uncontrollable brats out in public...if you cant control them invest in rope and duct tape.  They are not yet society's problem they are yours....if they cant act any better than animals then they shouldnt be let out of their cages!  You brought them into this world YOU TAKE CARE OF THEM.  When I go to the store I dont want to listen to your kid scream cuz they cant have everyone else a favor and leave the fricken store...if I can hear your kid that is screaming in the toy isle over in the frozen section there is a problem...chances are YOU are the problem...take them to the car and whoop their asses.... When I go out to a restruarant I do not want to enjoy your kids food as they are throwing it around the place...again take them to the car.  
  • Blaring radio's!  One sentance on this....IF I WANTED TO HEAR THE SHIT COMING OUT OF YOUR STEREO I'D BE SITTING IN YOUR CAR!  Enough said.
  • Lieing to me.....Believe me I am a mom I can smell a lie a mile away so go ahead and ask me if im really going to believe you!
  •  Give me advice on how to raise my kids or run my marriage.  Your far from perfect.  If you cant fix your own shit what makes you think that I really want your advice.....
  • If you are not married or have children do Us parents and married people a favor!  Keep your fucking mouth have no idea what your talking about...til you have walked a mile in our shoes, drove hundreds of miles with a crying baby in the middle of the nite trying to calm them down to sleep or had a knock out drag down fight with your SPOUSE!!  Sorry boys and girls boyfriends and girlfriends dont count...there is more at risk when your everything in the bank!  Keep your 2 cents to yourself...your probly going to be able to walk out of that situation if you do...cuz if you open your mouth while im arguing with my spouse im gonna knock you the hell out too!  You apparently have no idea what it takes to run a relationship....when your in a relationship for more than a 1 night stand then maybe you can talk to me...not that I will actually listen...
  • Walking or riding your bikes on my yard is my baby...I work my ass off on making my yard look nice.  If i lived over on the "snooty" side of town you would be shot for walking on their mail people STAY OFF THE GRASS!!!!  
  • If you do not tie your dogs up do not expect me to be nice to them...they come in my yard and shit and I have to clean up after your dogs...your going to have a present on your doorstep!  I have 5 dogs that I have to clean up after and they arent allowed in my front yard...I'd appreciate if you kept your own dog shit!  Otherwise next time im going to show your dog the end barrel of my gun!
  • This is my kids are here and so are my dogs...and they were here before you!  If you dont like animals then dont come to my house.  They will jump on you, sniff you and they lay on the couch.  If you dont like it TOUGH SHIT!  I will not be hurt if you dont want to come visit me its not like you visited that often before anyway!  If even at all, sorry not gonna miss ya.  My animals are members of my are not!
  • Argueing with me.....if you dont know the facts shut the frick up!  Dont argue just for the sake of arguement!  Its not worth the time and you are just pissin me off so shut up!
  • My house is lived in...I will never claim to be a clean freak...we have little piles here and there of just stuff we have no idea what to do with.  The floor is clean, mostly everything is put away.  There isnt dirty laundry laying stool is clean and most of my dishes are clean and put away...maybe something is on the counter or there is a pan in the sink...again this is my house.  I dont go to your house and judge you on not having a clean glass or a place to sit...but dont think I wont if it stinks its time to invest in some Scentsy!  That is one thing about my house it will never stink...maybe a little dirty but its lived in...
  • Dont get on me about my schedule or give me that look!  I am schedule oriented and it keeps me sain...i dont judge you on eating at 10 at nite dont judge me for eating at 5:30.  We have been eating at 5:30 for 10 years.  Im not about to stop now.  That means DONT call me between 4:30 and cooking, eating and cleaning up I dont want to talk!
  • When you drop your kid off at the school pull up to the drop off know the first 20 feet of the corner by their door.....slow down slow enough tell them to tuck and roll and move on!  Do not sit there giving kisses and hugs, zipping their coats, tieing their shoe laces and finishing homework...YOu want to do that pull back out of the fricken drop off zone.....Your now wasting mine and everyone elses' time!  Also dont drop your kid off in the middle of the would you feel if you get assended and your kid gets ran over...its your fault then what ya gonna do?
So this is what I can come up with so far......I may do this on every friday just to get rid of my irritants for the week...stay tuned....Have a marvelous weekend...

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