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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fact Or Fiction: Momma always said

When I first got this.....Fact or Fiction.  I thought oh I know exactly what I want to write about.  First thing that came to mind was a question I put on facebook......Remember when mom said if you pull your eyelashes out that they wouldn't come back and you wouldn't have any?  LOL ok I was bored and I had one that was hanging there and I pulled it out and 3 more came with it.  Truth are not gonna be eyelash bald!  They do come back.  I remember when I was bored in school and would pull them out and make a little pile....just to see how many would come out....I know I was a dork, retarded and just plain out stupid.  I dont know but I did it anyway.  I told my mom and she said "Don't do that your going to be bald cuz they don't grow back!"  She was wrong!  WRONG WRONG WRONG!  Im not eyelash bald now, but I do use the same line on my kids!

There are numerous "white lies" that are parents used on us......Don't pick your nose, your finger will get stuck....Don't run with scissors, you'll fall and gauge yourself.  If you play with it, it will fall off (sorry its just one that while I was doing my list that everyone had to use). If you pull 1 gray hair 7 comes to the funeral!  (which im starting to think is fact) You break something I'm not taking you to the doctor!  If you swallow bubble gum it will stay in your poop shooter and plug you up...and ofcourse there is the notorious If you swallow a watermelon seed, a watermelon will grow in your'll look like your pregnant!  Wow our parents could fill our minds with crap and the sad thing is we BELIEVED everything they said......The fact of the matter is they were ofcourse all FICTION!

Here is a couple other ones.  My mom had said that she wrote the book on bad!  Whatever I could would and will do she's the one that did it first, better and never got caught.....If I attempted the same stupidity she would know I did it before the event even occured!  Boy was she right!  I remember once that I had been driving on main street.  The girl that was with me wanted to go with these boys.  I had a curfew.  I told her I didn't want to waste my time with them.  I refused to stop...we were only going about 3 miles an hour..She jumped out of my car slammed the door and the side window SHATTERED!  I was was ofcourse my car that I was paying for everything for including insurance, plates, payments and gas.  So I call mom and tell her that I really want to stay in town.  When I got home the next morning with my window covered with a Garbage bag.  She was on me like white on rice.  I was honest and told her what had happened but ofcourse she didnt believe me because why? why? you ask?  Because one of her spys in town had told her a totally different story.  Even tho they hadn't seen what happened.  But She didnt believe me anyway.  And well I got grounded!  She was right tho, she knew it happened....within minutes of it happening!  I never hid anything from her again....or not til I found out I was pregnant.  Remember, I was scared of mom, still am!

What about that saying of mom has eyes in the back of her head!  Yeah she had those.....still can't see them, even tho I cut her hair.  But I know they are kids have figured out that I as a parent have acquired those same eyes in the back of my head.  So that little myth is in fact a FACT!  You laugh but if you are a parent you know its true....they don't actually exist but we do know everything..we see everything and we hear everything.

Yep that is what Our kids see when they look at us.....but boy do they still try to pull things off.

I know there are tons more facts or fictions.....those are the most I could come up with....I love all those little sayings mom used to say.....they make me laugh because I always swore that I wouldn't ever sound like my mom but every now and again I hear her voice coming out of my mouth! 

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