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Thursday, January 6, 2011

What has happened with the morals and values of yesteryear?

I was raised with the value of treat others as you want to be treated.  The golden rule!  I raise my kids with that same motto.  If they don't want to be yelled at, don't yell.  If you don't want to be called names, don't call others names.  If you want to be others. 

I was a girl scout leader for 5 years.  I even taught that motto to my girls.  And you could walk up to anyone of them and ask them what the Golden Rule is and they will tell you.  Ask who told them and they will say Miss April.  Although I'm sure there are parents that would disagree with me, my girls loved me and respected me.  Still do.  I worked my butt off for them, stood up for them, cried with them and laughed.  They were the greatest bunch of girls I had the blessing to work with.  From them I took some valuable lessons as it was a 2 way street. 

When I was a kid, if the school called and said one of us kids did something it was time to tuck tail and run!  Cuz we knew mom was gonna beat our asses!  Did we do it?  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  She usually spanked first asked questions after....or until she started finding out that the school would exaggerate she started asking if we had first.  But mom ruled the roost.  Our parents were feared.  And I know I wasn't the only one scared of their moms!  Or my mom for that matter.

My mom taught me the difference between right and wrong.  Lieing is wrong.  Stealing is wrong.  And had I been caught doing either of those she would have beat me all the way into next Sunday.  I remember once my cousins (boys) went with mom me and my brother to the store.  We go in get a few things.....go back to the car and mom hears this wrapper sound.  She turns around and asks what is that....Chris says its a candy bar.  Mom goes where did you get that?  The store...she marched his happy ass back into the store to tell the manager he was a thief(crying the whole time)....If I had ever had the thought of stealing before that...that thought left my mind right quick and in a hurry.  She liked to make examples of us. 

Did you know that there are many different kinds and grains of SOAP!?!  There is...and the boys found out on a daily basis...if they cussed she would stick a bar in their mouth and make them chew on it...again they made me not want to cuss when i was little!  Mom used wooden spoons, flyswatters, or cast iron skillets really didn't matter to her whatever was available.  Now to those of you that are the younger generation you may be thinking that this is child abuse.  NAHHHH that was discipline!  WE never stepped out of line but if we did we knew there was going to be consequences!  No one pissed mom know the saying if mom ain't happy no ones happy...that was our house hold!  Even to this day I have my own weapon....its called "the stick"  its one of those huge paint stirring stick.  It has disappeared a few times but always shows back up.  I usually don't have to use it but if I tell the kids to do something and they argue....all I have to say I'm getting the stick...and they are gone doing what they needed to be doing to start with!

OK got off track a bit....On to Morals....My mom instilled fear in us...which is just the same as morals.  My brother and I are still to this day are scared of letting mom down.  We don't do drugs, don't get arrested.  Try as hard as we can to stay out of trouble.  But doesn't everyone want their mom's approval.

Evident ally not!  Some people have no morals or scruples!  They look for every opportunity to make a quick buck whether its honest or not!  To get stuff for free.  Steal from the stores or even their neighbors.  I've lost good friends because of this.  I hate to be lied to!  Hate it.  If you have something to say to me say it.  Don't go behind my back and tell everyone else.  Don't go around saying I did this or I did that because this is what you "heard" come ask me first.  Whats that old saying "hear it from the horses mouth"  That should be another golden rule.  Don't assume someone said or did something til you ask them.  And then don't turn around and lie to my face about it either.....I hate liars. 

My opinion is this....the HHS dept. should stay out of parent raising unless actually warranted!  Kids need to be spanked every now and again.  I used to have an email about this mom and her son said he was going to contact HHS for child abuse because she wouldn't buy him the new Nike's he "needed"...the next day when he got home his clothes were in a bag on the floor in the living room,  a blanket and pillow were laying on the couch.  There was a lock on his door!  He asked her what she thought she was doing.  She said i checked with HHS and they told me I had to give you a roof over your head, not your own room. I've rented out your room.  They said I had to put clothes on your back, not name I've donated all your clothes and these clothes are from goodwill.  And food in your stomach, not steak just substance.  So your meals will consist of bread and butter and water from now on.  LMAO

No kids, and I mean none...should speak to their parents the way that they talk to parents now!  If I had done that I would have been toothless by the time i graduated from High School!  Again the fear of my mom.  She asked for One thing...that was respect.  I didn't have to like her all the time but I did have to respect her.  She taught me respect is earned not deserved and she had earned my respect!  And then we as a society wonder what went wrong with the newer generation (under 30) since HHS enforced the no child discipline laws back in the early 90's.  Or parents are too busy and don't care what their kids are doing and let them do whatever they want as long as they aren't in their hair.  Or parents just don't give a rats ass what their kids do whether the parents are too busy or not.....  Parents need to step up to the plate and start implementing DISCIPLINE now!  Or else these children are going to grow up just like their parents and think that its OK to steal and we are raising the next generation of convicts!  Instill learn by example..what are you showing your kids? 

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